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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stomach, stomach, go AWAY!

I swear - I am losing weight off my feet, my boobs, my fingers but this horribly jiggly, saggy stomach is not disappearing.  I'd really like to know what I could possibly do to speed up the weight loss in this area.  Don't get me wrong - I'd of course do it all again to have kids (which I probably will one more time!).  It is just frustrating to see the numbers on the scale go down and look at myself from the side and see what could very well be a 4month pregnant belly! 

Enough with the negative talk.  I need to be positive!  I borrowed the Biggest Loser Cookbook from my sister in law.  I've looked through it and made up a list of some of the things I'd like to try.  Blueberry pancakes, beef stew, and a brown rice with feta and spinach.  I really need to infuse my life with some new, tasty, low fat options.  When I get bored, I tend to make my way towards some unhealthy food that is sitting in my cupboards!  I'm going to make it my weekly goal to try one new recipe each week.

Anyone else weigh themselves ALL the time?  I do!  When I jumped on the scale this morning, it was looking good so I'm going to remind myself of that each time an opportunity presents itself to sway off the healthy living.  I'm off to Body pump class tonight!

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Christy said...

I look 4 months pregnant too! (Probably even more) and I wish I knew the answer on how to reduce the tummy fat...

I'm the same way too, if I get bored with what I'm eating, the "bad" foods always creep back into my life.

I step on the scale all the time, but honestly I find it somewhat motivating. If the scale is down, then I'm motivated to keep up the goodwork. If it's up, it's motivating to try even harder! Although sometimes I'm so annoyed when it doesn't reflect my good work that I look towards chocolate!