I'm a mom of two beautiful girls trying to get healthy in order to be a good role model.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Drum Roll Please!

And the self induced plateau has ended!!!!  I am down 2lbs this week to land at 195.  I am so thrilled.  Amazing isn't it?  Go to the gym, plan out healthy meals and you lose weight?  Who would have thought?  :o)

I decided that this week I was going to start throwing in an extra day at the gym.  My mom is retired so I asked her to come by Monday morning and I went to a 9:30am Pump class.  I came home feeling invigorated and positive.  It is amazing how just an hour of exercise can start of your day.  As long as my mom is available, I am definitely going to continue going Monday mornings. I'm looking forward to seeing how this extra day at the gym will in turn affect my weight loss.

I definitely have to give some props to Body pump at Goodlife Gym.  I love, love that class.  It's a great class for a fat, lazy person because there is no jumping around.  Horrible thought isn't it?  But that is definitely what my thoughts were when I started doing this class.  Now, I love how strong it makes me feel.  I notice differences in my body much faster than if I was just doing aerobics.  I also have a great instructor who makes me laugh and makes me push further when I think I can't go on.

2 month update
Since it has been just over 2 months since I started this new lifestyle I thought I would update a bit.  I've gone from 212 to 195, size 20 to a size 16.  I am no longer out of breath running up the stairs.  In fact I could probably run up and down more than once and still be fine!  Most importantly, I am no longer a lump on the couch when my kids are sleeping.  I get stuff done during afternoon nap and still have energy when they go to bed.  You would think losing weight is just that:  losing weight.  In return, my house has been tidier than previously and I've organized much of my house that was in desperate need of organization.  Losing weight has snow balled into all aspects of my life.  And I apologize if this is TMI, but even my sex life has improved.  When you look in the mirror and are disgusted by what you see it definitely affects what takes place in the bedroom.  Losing this weight, being active and watching my body change makes me a happier and more confident person.  I can't wait to see what the next 2 months will bring!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Not about my weight loss - or weight maintain.  But I went the night without after dinner snacking.  Huge, huge victory for me.  Not only that, but when I was about to walk over and crack open a bottle of wine for an evening glass, I chose a Diet pepsi and water instead!  When I went to bed, I actually felt good about my day for the first time in a really LONG time. 

And it doesn't end there.  I made split pea soup out of my Weight Watcher cookbook yesterday for my lunches this week.  I finally picked up some steel cut oats which everyone seems to rave about.  Made that yesterday too for my breakfasts for the rest of the week.  I had it this morning with some cut up strawberries.  Yummy!  I also cut up all my veggies so they are easy to grab and munch throughout the day. 

I think my goal of hitting 185 by Christmas is still possible.  That would be 2 lbs a week from now until Xmas.  Totally doable but I really am not going to punish myself if I don't reach it since it is a tight time frame.  I just feel that if you set goals (especially in small increments) it gives you something to work towards and they feel more possible to reach.  If I sit here and think, ugh I have 25-40 pounds left to lose then it gets discouraging.  A 12 pound loss seems much more attainable.

You know what?  After the planning I did and the eating healthy yesterday, I am in a great mood today!  I really think that I am back on track after veering off slightly for a bit.  Off to go have my soup!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Self Induced Plateau

OK.  My weight is the same.  197.  A bit frustrating but I will not use that as an excuse to give up.  Because this is a way of life, not a diet, right?  I had a great week last week.  I only went once to the gym because hubby needed to work late on my other gym night.  I ate yummy salads and healthy breakfasts.  Then came the weekend.  My mother bought McDonalds for me and Ava on Friday for lunch.  I know I could have ordered some healthy thing but the smell of french fries got the best of me.  Saturday night some friends came over for a girls night and chips were involved (on a side note, I have serious issues with chips.  I HAVE to eat the whole bag.  They are like my drug of choice.  This is the FIRST time I have eaten them since I started this journey on Sept 21st so I feel like it was justified).  Sunday morning we met friends at Broadwayy for breakfast.  Who on earth can deny themselves Broadway homefries?????  As you can probably guess, not me. 

So I shouldn't have been overly surprised when I jumped on the scale and it still said 197.  When I did poorly, I over ate with things loaded in sodium.  I guess I just thought my week went well enough that I might even have a 1lb loss.  Don't worry though, I'm over it and have been eating well so far this week.  No more giving up when a day (or weekend) gets the best of me.

I did not go to the gym last night.  Apparently there was some sort of instructors conference and all classes were cancelled.  So instead, I pulled out the Wii Fit.  It had been 18 days since I last used it!  I pushed myself on it and did the long distance run instead of the short run like I usually do.  I did the 6 minute rhythm boxing instead of the 3 min (boy did my arms feel it).  I also got in 32oz of water in the 3 hours after my kids went to bed (plus a glass of wine :o) which I put into my daily calculations).

coffee with cream and sweetner
fat free strawberry yogurt with cut up banana and flax sprinkled on top

Salad with chickpeas, green peppers, tomatoes and a fat free or low fat dressing
3 clementines

Unknown - we are headed to the Trans Siberian Orchestra and are meeting friends for dinner beforehand.  I'm keeping my daily food light to make up for that.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Another day, Another post

Here I am again.  I'm letting you know, I did go to the gym last night.  I also did indulge in those 3 mini chocolate bars! 

I have input my food for today, including dinner.  I even plan on doing the Wii Fit for 30 minutes tonight. 

Brekkie - 3 clementines (I know, not a great breakfast but after Ava left for nursery school I got very busy doing some cleaning and much needed organizing), 2 coffees with sweetner and cream
Lunch - turkey soup with 6 unsalted saltine crackers, source yogurt
Dinner - meat lasagna with as much garden salad as I like
Snacks - I've added in for an evening snack of hummus and one pita

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

As promised

Here I am today like I said I would.  I've already recorded my foods for today.  I even have a couple hundred left over since I am headed to the gym tonight as well.  I almost never eat the extra calories earned by exercising.  I'd rather eat within my appointed calorie range and then be able to splurge every so often.  According to my calorie counter program, if I eat like today every day, I will be at 182 in 5 weeks!  If that's not motivation, I don't know what is!

Well, I'm off to eat my toasted tomato sandwich for lunch!  I will be taking my water bottle out of the fridge as well.

*side note:  I did count 3 mini chocolate bars in my daily calorie count JUST in case I happen to want to indulge!*

Monday, November 02, 2009


My weight stayed the same this week.  I thought for SURE it would go down since I made it back to the gym twice this week after a 2 week sickness hiatus.  Then I recalled all the leftovers from the baptism last weekend that I ate over the week.  Meatballs, chicken and rice, little sandwiches (yum yum).  Hmmmm....think that had anything to do with it?????  Lesson learned.  Next time I host something, send people home with leftovers and keep only a small amount for hubby. 

Second reason for the weight stall would be my lack of journaling.  My thoughts and food journaling.  My best weeks were when I checked in here regularily.  I also tracked all morsels of food.  I got a lovely email from myfitnesspal letting me know it had been over a week since I had logged in.  I need to make this time for myself in order to be successful and reach my goal of 185 by Christmas. 

Starting tomorrow my goals for the week are:
-drink water ( my water bottle sat in the fridge for 4 DAYS without being touched)
-go to the gym 2x
-squeeze in Wii Fit 2x
-eat salads for lunch since I bought a whack of salad ingredients today
-track my foods DAILY on myfitnesspal.com