I'm a mom of two beautiful girls trying to get healthy in order to be a good role model.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weigh In

I know I'm slightly late but i weighed in Monday at 175.  Half way through the 170's!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Weigh In

 This morning I weighed in at 176!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Back Injury

The day I turned 30, I injured my back.  I was bending over putting on my daughters shoes and sweater and when I stood back up - incredible pain.  For 3 days I was literally walking like an old woman, hunched over and slow.  It hurt to go up stairs, it hurt to carry my baby, it hurt to do anything.  That was a Wednesday.  By Monday I was feeling almost normal so I decided to go to the gym.  I did my usual 1:1 running and went super easy on the weight machines and even skipped the ones where I used my back.  That night, I was in incredible pain again.  This time it took about a week and a half to feel better.  The original back injury occured 3 weeks ago and even tonight, I am still not pain free.  It is incredibly depressing.  As you can read by my last post, I was at a point where I was so motivated. I was losing consistant weight again.  I was working out hard.  I was eating healthy.  I was feeling like my body was strong. 

Needless to say, my eating suffered.  I had a few moments where I ate my frustration.  Probably more than a few moments.  I obviously stopped going to the gym.  For me, I exercise and my healthy eating follows.  Putting the effort into a workout makes me want to eat healthy in order to not "waste" that workout.  Taking the exercise out of the equation caused my eating to go haywire.  I can't tell you how many times I told myself that if I don't exercise I could still lose weight if I stick to my caloric intake.  It is totally possible.  More often than not, I ignored myself. 

This week has been a turnaround.  I've gone to the gym twice.  Tonight I even ran 2 minutes, walked 1 for 21 minutes and then continued to walk for another 30 minutes at a 2.0 incline.  I've gotten back into my healthy eating (mostly).  I weighed in this week at 179.  One pound gain is not too shabby for me.  I was seriously expecting way worse.  With 4 weeks left of mat leave, I'm hoping I can make the most of it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

One Month later....

Funny how you don't realize how much time has gone by since you last posted until you log on :o)

Today I weighed in at 178.  I was literally smiling all the way to the gym.  And who smiles on the way to the gym?????  My BMI is 29.6.  Yeppers, I have gone from being Obese to simply Overweight.  I never thought I'd be thrilled to see "overweight" but I also never imagined I'd be considered obese.

A few things have changed in a big way for me. 

1)  Started jogging.  Also something I never thought I would do but 2 weeks ago I was watching The Biggest Loser (side note:  totally inspirational show but they should put it on in the morning so that you are motivated throughout the day and not as you go to bed) and 350 lb Mike was jogging.  It inspired me so much that I started jogging the next time I was at the gym.  I thought if he can do it, why can't I?  This morning I did 1 minute walking, 1 minute jogging for 22 minutes.  It was tough but I made it through.  I did something that I never thought I'd be able to do and man, does it feel good!

2)  I started getting weekly deliveries of Fruits & Veggies from Ottawa Organics.  This has kept me on track SO much.  My husband was very weary of it since it is a bit pricier than getting regular 'ol vegetables from the supermarket.  He warned me that if things started going bad, we had to cancel.  So instead of having a not so healthy snack, I grab a peach or apple or some other piece of fruit.  This morning I even made watermelon juice.  This afternoon I'm having a wonderful lettuce, arugula, basil salad.  I can really attribute this company for the success I've had in the past 2 weeks.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Post Trip

OK, it has taken me awhile but here I am updating after my Punta Cana trip.  Before leaving I had reached 182.  The day after arriving home I was 190.  Yuck.  But considering I had planned on a 10lb weight gain I was OK with that number.  Thank goodness most of that weight was water weight.  Within a couple of days I was down to 186 and I am now currently at 184.  The horrible thing about arriving home (besides leaving the Dominican!) was that we went right into Easter weekend.  Which means that after a week of eating and drinking to my hearts content, I was faced with turkey dinners and chocolate.  I will be very honest.  I was bad.  Super bad.  I continued to eat to my hearts content. 

I turned over a new leaf on Monday.  Enough was enough.  I made my steel cut oats for breakfast for the week and took a batch of homemade turkey soup out of the freezer for lunches.  Yesterday, including a night at the gym and two leisurely walks with the kids, I dusted off the Wii Fit and did 20 minutes during nap time.  No, I didn't do the fun little balance games.  I did the cycling, hula hooping and running.  Today, I will fit in another 20 minutes on the Wii.  No gym but I will make sure I enjoy this weather outdoors with the kids being physical.

Is anyone else like this?  I go to the gym and I look at everyone walking by while I am on the bike or weight machines.  I see thin, fit people and I wonder what it feels like to look like that.  I know ALOT of women who suffer with weight gain after having kids (or hitting 30) but I have never, ever been thin.  EVER.  Unless you count 12 yrs old and I sure don't.  Will I ever have the opportunity to feel that feeling?  I hope so.  My days are numbered on Mat leave so I want to make the most of it.  Let's be honest ladies.  Working 40 hours per week and being with your kids after that really sucks your energy.  I know it will be hard so the less I have to lose after I start back at work, the better.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I haven't updated in two weeks.  There has been a reason for that.  I haven't budged.  I haven't been perfect but I've done OK and yet not even a pound.  I've been sort of frustrated with it and instead of coming on here and writing a Why Me? post, I've just stayed away until I had happier news.

Last night I sort of had an AHA moment.  My closet is full of clothes of all different sizes.  I really could be a retail store.  As I've been losing weight, I've been getting rid of all the big clothes.  So the clothes are slowly dwindling.  The current pair of jeans I am wearing are a Levi size 17 (damn sizing, my last pair were 16's!).  I tried them on multiple times around Christmas/New Years and I could wear them but have some serious muffin tops.  After I slimmed out of my other ones, I HAD to wear these Levi's or be stuck in jogging pants every day.  I realized lately that these muffin top jeans are now too loose.  I need a belt every day.  They sit beautifully on my hips.  The legs are baggy.  Whoa.  All this and I've only lost 4 pounds since before Christmas.  So I decide to try on some pants that are a size 14 in my closet.  A pair of black GAP cords that I plumped out of after about 3 wears.  I did try them on about 2 months ago and the zipper had about an inch before it could close.  And what do you suppose????

I could do them up!!!!!!

They definitely aren't looking pretty on me but that is besides the point.  They actually did up.  A size 14!!!!

The moral of my whole post is - getting fit isn't always about the scale.  I've obviously lost some inches.  These past 2 weeks I've been feeling sorry for myself and here I was changing my body shape without even realizing it!  I've learned (although I've always preached to others in the past) that the scale isn't everything - it's about how I'm feeling and how my clothes are feeling.  I think I was floating last night after I did up those pants.  Those are the moments I need to remember when that scale isn't moving.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stomach, stomach, go AWAY!

I swear - I am losing weight off my feet, my boobs, my fingers but this horribly jiggly, saggy stomach is not disappearing.  I'd really like to know what I could possibly do to speed up the weight loss in this area.  Don't get me wrong - I'd of course do it all again to have kids (which I probably will one more time!).  It is just frustrating to see the numbers on the scale go down and look at myself from the side and see what could very well be a 4month pregnant belly! 

Enough with the negative talk.  I need to be positive!  I borrowed the Biggest Loser Cookbook from my sister in law.  I've looked through it and made up a list of some of the things I'd like to try.  Blueberry pancakes, beef stew, and a brown rice with feta and spinach.  I really need to infuse my life with some new, tasty, low fat options.  When I get bored, I tend to make my way towards some unhealthy food that is sitting in my cupboards!  I'm going to make it my weekly goal to try one new recipe each week.

Anyone else weigh themselves ALL the time?  I do!  When I jumped on the scale this morning, it was looking good so I'm going to remind myself of that each time an opportunity presents itself to sway off the healthy living.  I'm off to Body pump class tonight!