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Thursday, March 11, 2010


I haven't updated in two weeks.  There has been a reason for that.  I haven't budged.  I haven't been perfect but I've done OK and yet not even a pound.  I've been sort of frustrated with it and instead of coming on here and writing a Why Me? post, I've just stayed away until I had happier news.

Last night I sort of had an AHA moment.  My closet is full of clothes of all different sizes.  I really could be a retail store.  As I've been losing weight, I've been getting rid of all the big clothes.  So the clothes are slowly dwindling.  The current pair of jeans I am wearing are a Levi size 17 (damn sizing, my last pair were 16's!).  I tried them on multiple times around Christmas/New Years and I could wear them but have some serious muffin tops.  After I slimmed out of my other ones, I HAD to wear these Levi's or be stuck in jogging pants every day.  I realized lately that these muffin top jeans are now too loose.  I need a belt every day.  They sit beautifully on my hips.  The legs are baggy.  Whoa.  All this and I've only lost 4 pounds since before Christmas.  So I decide to try on some pants that are a size 14 in my closet.  A pair of black GAP cords that I plumped out of after about 3 wears.  I did try them on about 2 months ago and the zipper had about an inch before it could close.  And what do you suppose????

I could do them up!!!!!!

They definitely aren't looking pretty on me but that is besides the point.  They actually did up.  A size 14!!!!

The moral of my whole post is - getting fit isn't always about the scale.  I've obviously lost some inches.  These past 2 weeks I've been feeling sorry for myself and here I was changing my body shape without even realizing it!  I've learned (although I've always preached to others in the past) that the scale isn't everything - it's about how I'm feeling and how my clothes are feeling.  I think I was floating last night after I did up those pants.  Those are the moments I need to remember when that scale isn't moving.

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