I'm a mom of two beautiful girls trying to get healthy in order to be a good role model.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Our house finally sold. Well, as of this Saturday. It's conditional upon financing and house inspection. I am not going to clean for the next month. I'm ready to throw my vacuum cleaner out the window! I've probably cleaned more in the past two months than i have all year!

Another wonderful thing has happend. Ava has taken her first steps! It's so exciting yet at the same time, it makes her more of a little person and the "baby" is slowly disappearing. She waves and says hi and bye, she has 4 teeth, she goes up and down stairs. Sigh.......my little girl is growing up.

6.5 weeks of maternity leave left. I would never have thought that a year could fly by but it really can. I am sad that I have to leave my daughter but I have accepted it and am thoroughly enjoying every last minute of being at home. I don't know my exact date of returning to work (as I'm holding off as long as possible talking to my boss) but at least I'll have the holidays off.

My pregnant friend is doing great. She actually went with a midwife (but to deliver in a hospital). We chatted yesterday at lunch about names and all the pregnancy symptoms. She's going with more traditional names like Patrick, Lauren, Danielle, Nathan. I'm excited that one of my friends is finally having a baby and I won't be the only one.