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Monday, November 02, 2009


My weight stayed the same this week.  I thought for SURE it would go down since I made it back to the gym twice this week after a 2 week sickness hiatus.  Then I recalled all the leftovers from the baptism last weekend that I ate over the week.  Meatballs, chicken and rice, little sandwiches (yum yum).  Hmmmm....think that had anything to do with it?????  Lesson learned.  Next time I host something, send people home with leftovers and keep only a small amount for hubby. 

Second reason for the weight stall would be my lack of journaling.  My thoughts and food journaling.  My best weeks were when I checked in here regularily.  I also tracked all morsels of food.  I got a lovely email from myfitnesspal letting me know it had been over a week since I had logged in.  I need to make this time for myself in order to be successful and reach my goal of 185 by Christmas. 

Starting tomorrow my goals for the week are:
-drink water ( my water bottle sat in the fridge for 4 DAYS without being touched)
-go to the gym 2x
-squeeze in Wii Fit 2x
-eat salads for lunch since I bought a whack of salad ingredients today
-track my foods DAILY on myfitnesspal.com

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