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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weigh In

I cheated a bit.  I weighed in yesterday at 202.  That's 2 pounds up from last weigh in.  That was after Ella's christening weekend where we had guests all weekend (meaning breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast for three mornings in a row).  I think the only thing I drank all weekend was coffee, diet pop and wine!  So I wasn't surprised at all when I was up yesterday.  High sodium foods and no water = bloat.  So I jump on the scale this morning after drinking a ton of water yesterday and eating lots of fruits and veggies and I was at 197!  So I think I am going to count Tuesday's weigh in instead of Monday's since it is more of a true respresentation of my weight.  And it makes me feel better than 202 :o)

My next goal I want to reach is 189 and it is only 8 lbs away!  I am so happy that this maternity leave weight loss strategy is going so much better that the last time around.  It took me over a year to lose 30lbs after Ava.  I'm already at half of that and it has only been 5 weeks.  Better late than never, right?

I just spent an hour walking around the pumpkin patch with a 15lb baby strapped to my chest.  I'm hoping I burned a bunch of calories since I indulged in a pumpkin cookie made by a friend. 

Breakfast - Source yogurt and slice of WW toast, pumpkin cookie
Lunch - Ava's leftover meatballs (the pumpkin patch was a last minute idea so i didn't have time to make a salad)
Dinner - a nice salad full of cucumber, green peppers, avacado and I'm going to throw in some cottage cheese and leftover ham from the weekend.

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