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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Boo Yah!

3 lbs down this week!  I've broken past that evil 188 mark to end up at 185!  I'm super focused right now.  I can see my mini goal of reaching the 170's in full sight right now. 

The weekend wasn't bad - but not great.  We went to the neighbours house for dinner on Sat. night.  It is very hard when you have no control over what you are eating.  This doesn't happen a whole lot so I didn't beat myself up over it.  Then we ordered Chinese food for Valentine's day.  Since both my hubby and I normally watch what we eat this was a big treat for us to order out like this.  We got the dinner for 5.  That's right, I said 5.  Not too smart after the fact but we wanted everything!  So, I ended up eating Chinese AGAIN last night since we had so many freakin' leftovers!

On a side note - my husband has been actively losing weight since Dec 1st.  He has gone from 239 to 213!  Can you believe it?  I'm very proud of him since he is very much a meat and potato, eat at 10pm at night kind of guy.  It makes the journey a lot easier having someone who is eating as you are eating and not bringing evil foods into the house that you can't eat.

I'm off to the gym tonight - excited to burn more fat off this body!

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Christy said...

You are doing AWESOME!!!! And so is your hubby - (I gotta say it drives me crazy how much faster they lose weight then us it seems - men, I mean)

Way to go for being super focussed - they 170's are right at your fingertips!!