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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


This week I stayed the same at 195.  The scale was looking good Saturday morning (because there is no way I can ever wait a week to weigh myself) and not so good after the weekend.  I had my family Xmas party on Saturday which equals a ton of food and drink.  Then I had a baby shower lunch to go to on Sunday.  Again, food and more food.  Monday, my mom sent over a ton of leftovers from the Xmas party so I ate those.  No surprise that the scale didn't show a loss but yet, I had 5 great days of eating.  Why do a couple of meals seem to sabotage a good week?  Also, a week that I went 3x to the gym. 

No worries everyone.  I am trudging on.  I've been to the gym twice already this week and have been eating steel cut oats, salad and veggies galore since Tuesday.  I will continue on this journey no matter what the damn scale says.  I'm off to have a salad with some yummy avocado!

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desajair said...

Hey C! Just had a chance to pop by. Awesome job on the last couple months!