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Friday, January 29, 2010

Missed my weigh in

I know I missed my Monday post about my weigh in.  I lost 2 lbs to reach 186. 

Two days ago, my husbands grandpa had a massive heart attack in Barrie.  My husband left right away to be at his side and will be there untill at least Sunday.  So....I've been emotional eating.  I am so sad for my husband and so sad that I can't be there with him.  Not to mention my parents are in mexico for 5 weeks so I'm literally all by myself with 2 kids.  We've been eating alot of easy stuff.  Which more often than not is unhealthy stuff.  I can already tell you that Monday's weigh in will not be too successful.  With no babysitter and no hubby around I haven't been at the gym since Tuesday.  At this point, it really doesn't matter too much to me.  I've earned a write-off week.

That's all about my past week.  This week is my week to emotional eat.  Next week I can pick up where I left off.  :o)


Christy said...

I'm sorry about Fraser's grandpa.

It's not easy to eat well under stress and with no help.

Your parents are in Mexico for 5 weeks? Holy lucky!! Aren't you on vacation somewhere soon?

And 186? You are ROCKING this!!!

Miss Gogo said...

Yeah, I know, wouldn't it be nice to be in Mexico for 5 weeks? Especially now that the weather has turned so cold? I'm headed on vacation at the end of March. It will be a last minute deal so we aren't quite sure where we are going yet.

Thanks for your support Christy. It always feels great when I log in and I see you cheering me on. You've always inspired me and it is nice that we are on this journey together.