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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas is so close. Does anyone else feel strangely detached from Christmas because of the weather we've been having? I heard on the news that this day last year was -25. Don't get me wrong. I've been loving these warm temperatures. Especially when it is so time consuming to dress a baby to go out in cold weather. But on the other hand, I do hope there is at least a little bit of white stuff on the ground for the 25th. My in laws, who are in Muskoka, have already plowed their driveway multiple times. It's funny how close we are yet the weather varies so much between the two cities.

Spoke to my boss today. I'm officially going to be back at work January 8th. Everyday I have been looking at Ava and almost been in tears knowing that once I'm back at work I will only have a precious 2 hours a day with her. It's heartbreaking. But, my last name isn't Rockafeller so I gotta do what needs to be done to give Ava a good life.

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