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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Oh my god. I can finally get into my blog again! I am on my parents computer so i wonder if the problem was my own computer for some reason. I am now mortgage free! And house free I might add too. We moved out of our house April 28th. It was sad. This was the house where Ava was born and where all of our hopes and dreams started. I think I wouoldn't have been so sad if I had been moving right into my new house. But here we are, in limbo at my parents for a month. I can't really complain to much. Or at all. It is great having my parents around. They are overjoyed to feed her and play with her.

I feel so out of touch being here at my parents. I am checking my email online but for whatever reason I can't access my address book. So unless you email me, I have no way of reaching you!

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