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Thursday, September 07, 2006


So my weekend was great. We went to Muskoka for Friday to Monday. It was hubby's grandparents 50th anniversary party. What an accomplishment. Although I know I will be with hubby forever, 50 years married seems like a heck of a long time! Overall the weekend was so much fun. I got a pair of those Crocs. They are kinda ugly but SO comfortable. I tell you, I wish I had a pair when I was pregnant. I would have lived in them!

The baby was so cranky this weekend. Friday night it took me until 2am to get her to sleep. I guess she is now old enough to realize she is in a place that isn't home. At the party, there were so many people (strangers to her) that were in her face talking to her that she spent the whole time screaming. It was so stressful.

And now I have a cold. Yuck. I feel pretty crummy and having to take care of a child while I'm sick isn't too great either. All I want to do is curl up on the couch and watch TV, but Daughter won't allow that of course! She wants to play!

Well, I'm off to see if I can nap while she is!


Christy said...

My pink crocs are insanely ugly but I wear them all the time in the house or else my feet get wickedly sore.

Now you need a vacation from your 3 day vacation - hope you were able to fall asleep!

Miss Gogo said...

When I was pregnant, even though it was winter, my feet were so swollen that I was wearing my hubby's winter boots. Hows that for sexy??????