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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I guess it's never a good thing to start a post with not too much to say. We went back to Phoenix last night to sign for our upgrades ($2,500!!!) and review all of our colours. I have to say that after reviewing things, I am very happy with my choices. I was really nervous the first time we went because it was all just so much.

My best friend and her hubby are buying in the same development as us which will be nice. They were eyeing the lot next to us, for 3 months I might add, but because they had procrastinated so much the lot was taken. I have to say I am a little glad. It would have been great in some aspects. Like when they had little ones we could sit outside on a Friday night and just bring our monitors out with us. But I think it just would have been a little much. I think we might have felt obligated to do things with them ALL the time. Now they are about 10 houses away which is just perfect!

I'm considering getting a puppy. Am I crazy? The way I figure it, the puppy would be housetrained (in my main floor hardwood house) and would be good to go in our new house which is all carpet. Also, I am off now so I could dedicate more time to that training. Ava takes enough naps throughout the day that neither my daughter nor my dog would feel neglected. We'll see how things go after i talk to the breeder!

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